Call for Consultant for Data Centre


Post Date: 03-Feb-2022

Call for Consultant for Data Centre

NIXI in collaboration with Common Service Centre (CSC) has decided to install a new Data Centre for Tripura State Government at Agartala. We desire to empanel a Consultant (individual or a company) on percentage of capital investment basis to undertake both non-technical (Civil, Electrical, coordination etc.) and technical (tender formation specifications, discussion with Vendor, discussion with Tripura State Government etc.) work with immediate effect till successful handover of the Data Centre to the client.
Interested organisations/persons may submit their interest to latest by 10th February, 2022 with the following minimum details:-
i) Name of the Company/person
ii) Date of incorporation (if applicable)
iii) Turnover for the last three years
iv) Nature of business
v) Experience in Consultancy in data centre (no. of years)
vi) Is you was/were debarred/blacklisted by Govt. of India / State Governments. If yes, details with reasons.
vii) Qualification and experience of the team proposed to be associated with the work.

Parties selected/short-listed based on above information and discussions (if required) will be asked to submit financial bid for final selection.

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