Joining Procedure

General Principles

*  NIXI is carrier neutral.

*  NIXI is the neutral meeting point of the ISPs and CDN providers with forced, multi-lateral peering model at the present. Members can connect to NIXI at any NIXI Node(s).

*  NIXI is not an ISP and will not provide Internet connections or Transit services. Members should have full Internet connectivity independent of NIXI facilities.

*  NIXI will not assign or provide for IP addresses, AS numbers, etc. Peering ISP's will make his own arrangements with APNIC for this.

*  Members need to provide a 24x7 contact point to act upon urgent incidents/outages.

*  Connectivity to the NIXI will through dedicated leased lines of sufficient capacity based on which NIXI charges will be billed. Payments made to Carriers for the leased link will be directly between them and the ISP and NIXI will not be a party to it, except for ensuring technical compatibility.-- Members shall provide their own backhaul (routers, convertors and cabling) to their networks.

*  Members must either colocate member's router within the appropriate NIXI Node, or connect via direct, unswitched, Ethernet circuit from Participant's router to the NIXI Node (preferred).

*  Peering ISPs will not be allowed to have NIXI facilities as a default route. Further no ISP should use NIXI to carry traffic between its own two or more routers.

*  Members ISP at any NIXI node must at a minimum announce all its regional routes to the NIXI router at that location.

*  Members will ensure that their use of NIXI facilities is not detrimental to other members in any way and that all usage is compliant with the applicable internet standards of IETF.

*  NIXI reserves the right to temporarily disconnect any member for security reasons or preserving the stability of NIXI infrastructure.

*  NIXI reserves the right to amend the guidelines stated above, with approval of the Board. For latest Policy Guidelines, please visit Routing and Tariff Policy.

Membership Fee

Rs. 1000 plus applicable taxes per annum all India basis .

Applying for Membership

For New Ordinary Membership
Prerequisites for ISP/Non ISP Membership:

* An ISP licensed by the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India can become a NIXI peer.

* The content provider/CDN/Non ISP member are required to have their own valid AS number for BGPv4 peering.

To become an Ordinary Membership ( NIXI Ordinary-Connection Form - ISP/Non ISP )  Click Here

Supported Connection Types

NIXI provides the following Ethernet options at nodes, subject to port availability:

*  100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (BaseT),10 Gbit/s and 1 Gbit/s Ethernet Fiber optic port at NIXI Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Guwahati nodes.

*  100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet (Base-T) at NIXI Mumbai,Delhi(Noida) and Chennai.

*  10 Gbit/s,1Gbit/s Gigabit Ethernet Fiber optic port at NIXI Mumbai, Delhi(Noida) and Chennai.

  To become an Associate Membership (NIXI Associate Form - ISP)

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